Enjoy these SOAR Live Dial Examples!

  • The Power of The SOAR Voicemail Message!

    In the SOAR Live Dial Example, we had exhausted every effort to make contact but had no choice but to leave a SOAR "Message of Mystery" - and what happened next even surprised me!

  • When Reception Says: "They're Not In, Can I Take A Message?"

    This SOAR live dial is an example of how to get to Reception despite an Automated System and how to make contact with the Decision Maker when Receptionist says: "they're not in the office right now, can I take a message?"

  • When You Just Don't Want To Make Another Call

    Prospecting is hard and prospecting by telephone is VERY hard. It just is. As a result, sometimes you just don't want to make another call. This is an example of one of those times. Was it worth making the one final call? Check out this video to find out!

  • When Reception Asks: "What's It Regarding?"

    Looking for an effective way to get past the Receptionist? Have a look at this SOAR live dial example!

  • The POWER of The Executive Assistant!

    Isn't the Executive Assistant just the GATEKEEPER? They can be when you don't know how to speak with them effectively! In this SOAR live dial example, you'll see why we see the EA as an ally and have them in THE POWER ZONE!

  • Isn't The Executive Assistant Just A Gatekeeper?

    There was an article written in the WSJ titled: The Most Powerful Person in the Office and they were referring to THE EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT and in this SOAR live dial example, you'll understand just why that article title is very fitting.

  • When You End Up "Lost In Technology"

    This SOAR Live Dial is an example of how contact can be made in the POWER ZONE despite the limitations of an automated telephone system, if you're willing to exhaust every effort before giving up.

  • When Reception Says: "They're At Lunch..."

    Ok, so you've made the call and Reception says "they're at lunch.." Most Salespeople prior to SOAR will either leave a message or hang up and call back later in this situation. In this SOAR Live Dial example, we see what's possible when you RIDE THE BULL!

  • Why You ALWAYS Have To Be Ready!

    Mindset and Intention are half the battle and in this SOAR Live Dial example you'll see why you must ALWAYS be ready to go once you've picked up the phone!

  • When your Contact Doesn't Work There Anymore...

    The default in this situation is usually to say "ok", end the call and then conduct research for another name. That was before SOAR. This live dial example let's you know what you can do instead of ending the call when you find yourself in this situation.

  • No Contact Name? No Problem!

    So many Salespeople prior to SOAR won't even make the call without a name. And the majority that will call despite not having a contact name end up getting shut down by Reception because the call screams of an unsolicited sales call. Check out this example of how to do it using SOAR!

  • When They Say: "Can You Email Me Something First?"

    You've made contact the POWER ZONE, delivered your value statement and instead of agreeing to your ideal next step (meeting, demo, closed deal etc.) they say "Send Me An Email..." In this SOAR live dial example, you'll see just how effectively qualify the requesting using the power of SOAR!

  • When You Get Disconnected

    Enjoy this SOAR Live Dial Example!

  • When You Call The Wrong Location...

    In this SOAR live dial example, you'll see just how effective our approach if and when you call the wrong location.

  • Why Your MINDSET and INTENTION Matters!

    If you don't think MINDSET and YOUR INTENTION matter, think again and watch the power of SOAR in this live dial example!

  • When They Say "Call Me In a Couple of Months..."

    So you have the Decision Maker on the phone and instead of agreeing to your requested next step (meeting, demo, closed deal etc.) they say "let's talk in a couple of months..." Instead of saying OK and then calling them in 2 months, there is a better way. Check out the SOAR Live Dial example!

  • Being Prepared Matters!

    In this SOAR live dial, being ready absolutely factored!